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Does everyone stare the way I do?

I only look this way at you.

Police Daily
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

All Police. All pictures. Every day.

Posting guidelines:

  • Picture posts ONLY. Feel free to talk, drool, or fic-away in the comments, but every post to the community should contain a picture of Sting, Stewart Copeland, Andy Summers, (even Henry Padovani!), or any combination thereof.
  • Don't steal bandwidth. Post pictures hosted on your own website only.
  • If posting multiple pictures at the same time, please use an lj-cut. Likewise, please lj-cut large images...we all love high-resolution pics but we don't necessarily want 'em cluttering up our friends pages.
  • If you happen to know the photographer and can provide credit, that would be flash! But is not required.
  • Your mod, that would be sidewinder, will endeavor to make sure this community lives up to its name and post a picture a day, for she is just that kind of crazy. However all other Police fanatics are welcome to post as well.
  • Questions? Email.